DMP Foods Ltd

Cow, bull, calf, sheep, lamb and goat slaughterhouse in Antrim and Newtownabbey


73 Largy Road, Crumlin, BT29 4RS, United Kingdom
This facility could not be located from the address and the map below shows an estimate. We recommend using Google if you wish to find an accurate location.


  • Cow, bull and calf slaughterhouse

    Slaughterhouse › Bovine (cow, bull and calf) slaughterhouse

  • Sheep and lamb slaughterhouse

    Slaughterhouse › Ovine (sheep and lamb) slaughterhouse

  • Goat slaughterhouse

    Slaughterhouse › Caprine (goat) slaughterhouse


The most recent data for this facility indicates it is not operational.

First located in public domain data1st August 2019
Last located in public domain data1st April 2022


No reports exist for this facility.

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  • Geocoding API by Google

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